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Near Limit on Reds...

Posted By: TroutSupport.com

Near Limit on Reds... - 08/29/19 09:18 PM

actually the third keeper was lost about 5' from me, so it's an accurate title. Limits was near.. about 5' away.. then it swam off.

Had to run down to corpus to take care of some boat business so I made a quick morning wade at a walk in spot where I fished 20 years ago. Yes, sweet spot still produces. I caught these 2 and lost 2 others, plus a couple dink trout and rat reds, plus had numerous other blow ups. I was after redfish and not trout. Basically targeting shallow grass flats with bait and stingrays and looking for current flow. I new I only had a short window of tide movement but the fish continue to hit until it totally stopped.

Caught one on a spook jr. speckled trout pattern and one on the coastal gold GrassWalker. The little ones were prefering the topwater, but the big one (27.5) hit the GrassWalker. I also caught a couple rat reds and a couple keeper black drum. Always love me some 'drum sticks' LOL... I did release the two reds in honor of 'Empty Stringers' and honestly I have plenty fish any way, especially with the drum.

feel free to contact me and I'll see if I can help you

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Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Near Limit on Reds... - 08/29/19 11:25 PM

Nice fish. Good job. thumb
Posted By: pop r

Re: Near Limit on Reds... - 09/08/19 03:41 PM

clap Nice!
Posted By: Osbornfishing

Re: Near Limit on Reds... - 09/08/19 05:18 PM

Posted By: Gitter Done

Re: Near Limit on Reds... - 09/14/19 08:55 PM

Love those Reds. Good job.
Posted By: Lindsey

Re: Near Limit on Reds... - 09/16/19 05:25 AM

Great job brotha. The Grasswalker is absolute hell on reds. It's easily my favorite sight casting bait.
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