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Searching for an Elusive Trout

Posted By: BlessedAngler

Searching for an Elusive Trout - 07/17/19 11:45 PM

Decided to make a late evening trip to Holly Beach. On a few occasions I have seen a nice size speckled trout in the same area. However, everytime I do see the trout it will just swim straight ahead of me a little faster than I am drifting. It nevers spooks and darts off it just swims away into deeper water. The few times I have had an opportunity to cast to him he just ignores it and keeps swimming away. Well, I figured if I could go late in the evening ( before the sun went down) maybe I could get a chance to cast to him before he saw me. I actually planned on fishing a few hours after the sun went down. Anyways, my first drift took me to far from the area I wanted to fish in. On my second drift I was in the general area where I had seen the trout. After a while I had my first blowup on a topwater. Within the next few yards I had spooked about 4 reds. I decided it was time to change lures to a GrassWalker. On my 3rd cast I hooked up a 28 1/2Ē trout. Canít say for sure it was the same trout but I hooked him up within 20 yards off the area he is usually in. After that I called it a day. I have a link to a short video of the trip. Hope you all enjoy. Be safe and God Bless!

Posted By: TroyKing

Re: Searching for an Elusive Trout - 07/18/19 03:02 AM

Enjoyed the video
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Searching for an Elusive Trout - 07/19/19 03:04 AM

Neat post and cool video clip. Thanks for sharing. cheers
Posted By: eyeball

Re: Searching for an Elusive Trout - 07/29/19 06:04 PM

Do you guide?
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