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Found a rod and reel

Posted By: TroyKing

Found a rod and reel - 06/18/19 02:12 AM

I found a nice rod and reel at rollover pass today.. someone's hurting for this one!!, I know im sure hurting for you!! Message me if its yours and describe it.
Posted By: eyeball

Re: Found a rod and reel - 07/30/19 07:53 PM

Well, I was wading the moderate surf in 3.5 ft of water and turned toward the beach with my home made yellow Fenwick fiberglass with my first black 5000C under my right arm while I was stringing a 6 lb redfish when the mother of all waves covered me and when I got the water drained so I could see to continue string the fish I looked and [censored], it was gone. Man I was pissed. Then I reached with my left hand for the rod under my right arm and Shazaam, it was gone.

I been praying that would turn up for 45 years. I'm so happy to hear you finally found it. PM me for addy. banana
Posted By: TroyKing

Re: Found a rod and reel - 07/31/19 02:58 AM

Man i wish i had found it for you...that would be a great story.
Posted By: fishesintrees

Re: Found a rod and reel - 07/31/19 12:44 PM

I was kayaking, and reached behind me for another beer. My clothing snagged on something, so i twisted around just a little harder... and flipped the kayak. Lost my much prized Curado, and Texas Slam rod. Was only 20 years ago, thanks for finding it!
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