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ghost on pontoon....NMEA 2000

Posted By: drifter106

ghost on pontoon....NMEA 2000 - 09/01/22 12:40 AM

Hello people....

Just got my ghost mounted onto our pontoon. In the middle of getting my nmea 2000 set up. The cable (9 pin) that runs from the foot pedal to the nmea 2000 backbone is rather short. Appears that Lowrance has the system set up for the foot pedal to be on a boat where its close to your DF. That is not the case in my situation. Anybody else run into this problem. I did find a 9 pin Lowrance cable 15 ft long...all I need is about 5 or 6 ft to get the foot pedal to reach my hds unit.

Any suggestions would be appreciated....

Posted By: grout-scout

Re: ghost on pontoon....NMEA 2000 - 09/01/22 01:21 AM

The nmea cable is different than the transducer cable, just want to make sure you get the right part. Also make sure you understand how nmea works, what you might really need is 2 -T’s and a terminator and a short nmea backbone.
Posted By: Larry Hutchens Lowrance Pro S

Re: ghost on pontoon....NMEA 2000 - 09/01/22 04:29 AM

The Foot Pedal Cable to the NMEA 2000 is 4 pin the transducer is 9 pin While they look alike they are not. Lowrance Part # 000-00099-006 is a 10ft 9pin Transducer Extention Cable That is the shortest Lowrance Makes.
Posted By: drifter106

Re: ghost on pontoon....NMEA 2000 - 09/01/22 08:26 AM

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