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C-MAP REVEAL Shaded Relief with Genesis

Posted By: greenpin

C-MAP REVEAL Shaded Relief with Genesis - 11/18/21 05:32 AM

Me again... hammer

If I were to purchase C-MAP REVEAL (US LAKES SOUTH CENTRAL, SKU: M-NA-Y215-MS), and also use C-MAP Genesis to generate my own custom charts of specific areas, willthe Shaded Relief feature adjust to the custom charts, or will it be static to the base REVEAL chart and not match the custom contour changes?

The Shaded Relief feature looks pretty interesting, but if it does not adjust to changes generated in Genesis custom charts, seems like the better route might be to pay less for C-MAP DISCOVER (NORTH AMERICA, SKU: M-NA-Y200-MS) and use custom depth shading.
Posted By: Larry Hutchens Lowrance Pro S

Re: C-MAP REVEAL Shaded Relief with Genesis - 11/18/21 02:35 PM

There is no Shaded Relief on Cmap Genesis. There is a genesis layer on the reveal that is part of any updates to your Reveal map card. So while you are out on the lake record sonar upload to Geneis Social map and then update your Reveal card and turn on Genesis layer on your Reveal card and you get updated detail in areas you want.
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