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Lowrance Graphs

Posted By: Rayzor

Lowrance Graphs - 09/26/21 12:02 AM

I sure could use the assistance of another Lowrance owner that has more knowledge of them than I do. I have a 9" Tripleshot at the helm and a 9" Splitshot on the bow. The readouts for SOG, Water Temp and Water Depth are very small. They are also in the body of the screen as opposed to in a separate side bar like Humminbird. I was fooling around with the Splitshot up front and somehow changed the Water Depth to a really, big font. Big enough to actually read from a distance. I would like to do the same thing with my Tripleshot. The problem is I do not have a clue how to do it.

If anyone out there can tell me how to get the Water Depth font LARGER, I would really appreciate it!
Posted By: LO419

Re: Lowrance Graphs - 09/26/21 01:36 AM

Go to the screen you want to change hit the power button once and from the menu hit edit overlay. Tap on the one you want change(should put a box around it you can also move it if you want) then in the side bar hit configure. It’ll give you the choice of the size you want. At least that’s how the HDS units work. Hopefully yours will work the same
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