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Helix 7

Posted By: Kirchner6

Helix 7 - 07/21/21 12:50 AM

Hello, I purchased a boat recently that looks to be wired for a helix 7 according to the sticker on the chords. It has an ultrex trolling motor on it. Would I be able to just purchase the unit and plug and play. Below is the two connections on the boat.

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Posted By: Wayne P.

Re: Helix 7 - 07/21/21 01:30 AM

The power cord works with any number series and Helix units. Some older ones also.

If the trolling motor has a MDI or MSI transducer and the 7-pin plug is what is attached to it, then it has to be the correct version to work with a Helix 7. I have the adapter for the larger units and it has 7 pins and is the MKR-MI-1 and it won't work with a Helix 7.
You would need the MKR-MDI-2 cable for a second or third generation Helix 7 Down Imaging unit.

Compatible units and the adapters are on the Minnkota website------

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