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Garmin Striker 4 plus

Posted By: mrbigtexan

Garmin Striker 4 plus - 07/08/21 01:46 PM

I have 3 of these and they work excellent but I always wonder if I am missing out on something I need in my life that I don’t know that I need🤪 I notice that I really and truly only use them as a depth finder, mark waypoints, and to know how fast I’m trolling. The navigation option would be great if I go to any unfamiliar lakes. I mainly only walleye fish up here by Amarillo. I do kinda wish I had clearvue so that I could maybe see some crappie suspended in brush or structure. Am I really selling myself short by keeping these or should I upgrade without hesitation?
Posted By: IslandJim

Re: Garmin Striker 4 plus - 07/08/21 03:49 PM

I have a Striker 4. It's a marvelous fish finder, but Garmin's manual is lame. Mine was virtually useless, until I watched six or so tutorials online, done by One Cast, One Fish. I'm fishing in water that's usually less than three feet deep, so "fish finding"s not my biggest concern. But, that guy at least got me to where I can use it for my needs. It's amazing to me that Garmin built tons of useful things into a small unit, but fails to provide info for us mere mortals to access them. Good luck, IslandJim
Posted By: mrbigtexan

Re: Garmin Striker 4 plus - 07/09/21 04:13 PM

Thank you! I’ll check it out!! I appreciate your help
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