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Helix 12 screenshot

Posted By: alumacraft

Helix 12 screenshot - 06/13/21 04:37 PM

Found a school of fish last night. Fish are on the bottom under the thermocline it looks like. Fished it with no luck. Any thoughts on what they could be?

Attached picture 2C5E8C01-5180-4E8D-ACF2-742DE2BA5EA7.png
Attached picture 1A565CAF-6AFF-46FA-A576-17EFF9B7E1A0.png
Posted By: Cvillemudcat

Re: Helix 12 screenshot - 06/13/21 05:33 PM

Cats or gar, maybe? This is a screenshot of 18 to 20” hybrids on Decker which show up nicely on sidescan set at 40ft out.

[Linked Image]
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