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Need help please!

Posted By: mox22

Need help please! - 05/03/21 10:29 PM

Can you run all your boats electrical and a FS 9,HDS Live 9, and an active target on one battery? I have my trolling motor on a littium 24v and my motor on a cranking battery. The reason I am asking is everything is doing different things like only one of my livewell fill pumps is working, both start but one stops and my dash lights don’t work anymore. Please help and thanks
Posted By: Rob Jasper Lowrance Pro-Staff

Re: Need help please! - 05/03/21 10:46 PM

I run up to four LIVE units, Active Target, Sirius Radio all on one battery - the cranking battery with no issues. At least 3-Lives & Active Target is running all day on most trips. Nice thing about the Lowrance Active Target is that the box draws low amps.
Posted By: Larry Hutchens Lowrance Pro S

Re: Need help please! - 05/03/21 10:56 PM

What size cranking battery??
Posted By: Flippin-Out

Re: Need help please! - 05/03/21 11:15 PM

I don't see how the electrical problems with the boat (a livewell pump & lights not working correctly) would have much to do with a battery given you didn't say BOTH livewell pumps stop. If your motor is on a true "cranking" battery (like one of the cheap Group 24 batteries sold with a "cranking" label), then you might not get everything to run as long as you wish it would. For bass boats, which have numerous continuous drain devices connected, a "dual purpose battery" of appropriate size is in order. You didn't say what outboard you have either, along with what battery you have now. You might consider providing those details if you want good replies.

With the mentioned unknowns, I can at least say that if you get a good quality AGM dual purpose battery in Group 27 or Group 31, you'd probably be in the right ballpark for what's needed. AGM tends to be able to provide the high amps required for hot starts more so than other dual-purpose batteries. It has the added bonus of being sealed, no need to add water.
Posted By: TomRom

Re: Need help please! - 05/04/21 12:13 PM

I agree. I have a Northstar group 27. Run my two Garmin and livescope off of it. Power Poles, jack plate, etc as well. Never a problem. I have a dedicated wiring system run back to the starting battery as well.
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