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Livescope depth capability

Posted By: stapler101

Livescope depth capability - 04/28/21 01:03 PM

I have a friend running livescope on a 1022 Garmin.
He says that in depths of 14 feet or greater the image is very distorted making it difficult to spot fish.
I am considering livescope for use on humps, points, and drop offs from 12-20 feet or so.
Is livescope what i need?
Posted By: grout-scout

Re: Livescope depth capability - 04/28/21 02:10 PM

Only if he’s using the perspective mode, it doesn’t work great in deeper water. But you need to understand that LS has a very skinny beam and you have to rotate the transducer very slowly to find things, it requires patience, finesse and the ability to learn.
Posted By: stapler101

Re: Livescope depth capability - 04/28/21 08:37 PM

Thanks grout-scout!
If I rotate the transducer the beam gets narrower but the depth capability
Is that correct?
Posted By: grout-scout

Re: Livescope depth capability - 04/28/21 10:01 PM

In forward mode (or down) you will have really good depth and distance, but yes the beam is very skinny. I had a buddy read your post and he sent me a video of him jigging on a school. Your LS prob won’t be as clear as his, his is one of the best I’ve seen. I think water clarity could be the difference, he’s fishing a lake that looks pretty similar to Amistad. But his video will show give you an idea on what you might see.

Posted By: TomRom

Re: Livescope depth capability - 04/29/21 01:21 AM

You are correct in my opinion about water clarity and how it preforms. I have fished the exact same spot multiple times and the views have been different when the water conditions have changed. An algae bloom can really lower the clarity you see on the screen.
Posted By: stapler101

Re: Livescope depth capability - 04/29/21 03:33 AM

Thanks for the info.
Thanks for sharing the videos
Posted By: JSouther

Re: Livescope depth capability - 05/05/21 02:33 AM

Have you tried playing with the gain and auto depth or try adjusting manually. Try different color pallets also.
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