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Lowrance Model Compatibility

Posted By: Flippin-Out

Lowrance Model Compatibility - 04/27/21 08:06 PM

I am selling a Carbon 12 to my step-son for his console. A 3-in-1 transducer will be placed at the transom. He'd like to get a unit for the bow that will have a DSI transducer on the trolling motor and network with the Carbon 12 at the dash. Is the Elite FS series compatible for this purpose?

I understand some models share waypoint info via NMEA, and HDS (Carbon/Live) share that and more (mapping & imaging) via Ethernet. Will any of this work between Elite FS and Carbon?

I ask since the Elite FS has both a NMEA port as well as one physical Ethernet connector. He's trying to be budget-conscious so the Elite FS is more attractive if it will share waypoints with the Carbon.
Posted By: Rob Jasper Lowrance Pro-Staff

Re: Lowrance Model Compatibility - 04/27/21 08:37 PM

I would get the HDI transducer for the Elite FS as that will provide downscan and sonar on a transducer that can be placed on the bottom of a trolling motor (with a $20 mounting kit Lowrance sales). The Elite FS transducer plug takes a 9-pin. If you get the HDI 9-pin, good to go. If you get the HDI 7-pin then you will need a $30 7 to 9 pin converter cable. The HDI is super simple to install on a trolling motor.

The FS does have an Ethernet port, so it can be linked up via both Ethernet and NMEA to the Carbon unit.
Posted By: Flippin-Out

Re: Lowrance Model Compatibility - 04/27/21 08:44 PM

Thanks Rob. That's great news. I was aware of the new 9 pin standard, so we'll be sure to get the correct HDI for the FS. I already had a trolling motor install kit to put it on the TM motor housing.
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