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HDS 9s Gen 3 issue

Posted By: William pitts

HDS 9s Gen 3 issue - 04/27/21 05:13 PM

Does anyone know a common fix to getting my HDS 9s Gen 3 to share info with each other. I have them networked via the yellow Lowrance cable, and they worked for about a month, and now they will not share data and I cannot see or select my back transducer from my front graph so that I can use my SI/DI. I spent 3 hours this weekend watching videos and messing with it and no results.
Posted By: Rob Jasper Lowrance Pro-Staff

Re: HDS 9s Gen 3 issue - 04/27/21 06:43 PM

If you don't mind talking on the phone we can walk through some stuff when you are in front of your units. If it worked and now its not, wonder if you have a bad Ethernet cable (Yellow cable).
I will shoot you a PM with my phone number.
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