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Humminbird system recommendations

Posted By: crash519

Humminbird system recommendations - 04/07/21 08:26 PM

I'm looking to upgrade my electronics on my 1-yr old Nauticstar 211 Hybrid from the Simrad Go9 it currently has to a Humminbird on the console and up front. I added a MinnKota Riptide Terrova with i-pilot link last year and I'd like something I could tie with it. The Simrad will stay since it's indash and would be hard to fill that hole, but I have enough room on for a 12". Would like to add a 7 or 9 up front that most likely will be using the transom transducer since the Terrova like to go nuts when in spot lock and will spin itself into a knot sometimes if it's windy! Love the side imaging I had from my old 898 and I know it has drastically improved since them.

Looking for recommendations of Helix vs Solix and is a 7 up front enough or should I just go ahead and pony up for the 9? Has anyone ever seen a good way of mounting a transducer to the Terrova/Ulterra with the way they are deployed and spin around like crazy during spot lock? How are the G3N and G4N screens in direct sunlight?

Posted By: Wayne P.

Re: Humminbird system recommendations - 04/08/21 11:26 AM

The Helix 9 has a better processor and transducer than the Helix 7, plus has true Down Imaging rather than the composite DI views created by blending the two SI pulses.

All the Helix units have a much brighter display than the 800 series.
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