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Wayne P?

Posted By: Rockfisherman

Wayne P? - 03/18/21 01:34 PM

Wayne, if I have an older/smaller unit, I can mount it up front with my regular (but also small) unit and use the older
one for mapping only and I don't even need a transducer right? Just power it up and use the mapping only and then
my regular small sonar I don't have to encroach on the screen with any mapping........right?

Posted By: Wayne P.

Re: Wayne P? - 03/18/21 07:16 PM

Yes, if the unit is a GPS model, it becomes a Chart Plotter with no sonar transducer attached and Sonar turned OFF.
Posted By: Rockfisherman

Re: Wayne P? - 03/18/21 07:34 PM

Thanks Wayne
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