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360 Question

Posted By: BassKicker74

360 Question - 01/25/21 12:50 PM

Recently bought a Helix 9 G3N Chirp GPS. Will this unit support 360? I noticed in the settings menu that it had the 360 Imaging - Unconnected. Also if it will what power cord will I need to purchase to hook it up and will I need a network box since my console and bow unit are networked?
Posted By: Wayne P.

Re: 360 Question - 01/25/21 02:10 PM

It will run a 360 will no update.

It will run the MEGA 360 if it has software version 2.180 or higher.

The 360 is an Ethernet device and needs an Ethernet cable between the Ethernet cord and either a display or Ethernet Switch.
A new 360 comes with a 20' Ethernet cable, a 6' power cable, and a AS GPS HS antenna.

Yes you need the AS ETH 5PXG Ethernet Switch to have three Ethernet devices connected together. And you need another Ethernet cable for one of the displays.

You have to contact Humminbird Customer Service to get a power cable for it.

The MEGA 360 has a unit transducer connection and uses the SI circuits.
Posted By: BassKicker74

Re: 360 Question - 01/25/21 02:22 PM

Thanks for the quick reply. Had a buddy with had an old 360 laying around and wanted to try it out before biting bullet on the Mega. Already have live scope and not sure if it will compliment it enough to justify.
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