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difference in Mega SI DI transducers

Posted By: PlanoKeith

difference in Mega SI DI transducers - 12/09/20 01:21 PM

I have already bought a XM 9 MSI 20 T for my unit. But i was just looking around and i see that there is a XTM 9 20 MSI T for trolling motor mounting. After looking at the exploded view of the XTM i see that the actual transducer looks exactly the same before it is bolted to either bracket ( Transom bracket and Trolling bracket) . So my question : looking at the XM 9 20 MSI T that mounts on the transom and the XTM 9 20 MSI that mounts on the trolling motor , is the only difference the mounting hardware??? if so why is it i find the trolling motor version a lot cheaper? is it the mounting hardware? and couldn't someone just use the trolling motor ducer on the transom hardware??
Sorry for all the questions but i am just curious.
Posted By: Wayne P.

Re: difference in Mega SI DI transducers - 12/09/20 01:48 PM

That is the transducer for the G2N Helix MEGA SI units. The XTM/XM 14 MSI 20 T is the same for a first generation SOLIX==same mounts.
Yes the two transducers are the exact same one, just the included mount is different.
The price is the same MSRP, what you can find on line may be different, that is up to the dealer.
IF the prices are a LOT cheaper, you must not be looking at the correct model names or the dealer is clueless.

The AD MTM is the trolling motor mount block and comes with a battery charger RFI choke cable.
Posted By: PlanoKeith

Re: difference in Mega SI DI transducers - 12/09/20 02:14 PM

Well you are right about both being about the same on most marine dealers. But this link is from amazon ( you never know what you will get with amazon LOL ) it may be a scam.
I think they have it miss priced because that is the price of the MDI transducer
Thanks Wayne
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