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lowrance elite ti problems

Posted By: tailboard

lowrance elite ti problems - 12/06/20 01:25 AM

Im trying to import waypoints from an sd card on to and Elite 9ti. when i click on the file the import button does not show up. the only options are copy, rename, and delete. any help would be appreciated.
Posted By: fordnut

Re: lowrance elite ti problems - 12/07/20 12:30 PM

When I first got my new Elite 9ti I saved the waypoints from my LMS-522 but the new Elite 9ti wouldn't read the old .usr version file. i downloaded and used GPS Babel and converted the .usr file to a .gpx file and it imported just fine. Sounds like you have the same situation going on like mine being the format was so old it didn't recognize the file.
Posted By: Rob Jasper Lowrance Pro-Staff

Re: lowrance elite ti problems - 12/07/20 02:11 PM

I will send you a PM so you can call me, but are you pressing the following with SD card inserted:
PAGES - FILES - Select the SD Card - Select the File and you should get an IMPORT option
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