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Mounting HDS Live flush mount issue

Posted By: rkd

Mounting HDS Live flush mount issue - 11/18/20 07:04 PM

Thought I would post this in the electronics section since I'm not getting any responses in the bass section.

I have a Lowrance Live 9 unit that is replacing a Gen 3 9 inch unit. The Live unit is about a half inch wider on each side and it won't fit the flushmount faceplate that my Gen 3 was mounted to. The faceplate is steel or aluminum and about 1/8 inch thick. I don't have the tools to cut the plate. And this will also require 4 new screw holes be drilled. Is there any place in North Dallas area I can take it to have the work done? David at Shut Up and Fish did an EXCELLENT job with my first Live 9 unit (including the wiring) but he's out for a few weeks and I'd like to get this done ASAP. I have a tournament this weekend. No wiring necessary this time around. I would like to keep the original faceplate as it fits flush to the bow of my boat perfectly.
Posted By: Rob Jasper Lowrance Pro-Staff

Re: Mounting HDS Live flush mount issue - 11/19/20 02:19 PM

I bought a dremel tool and cut both the aluminum and some fiberglass on my Ranger going from Carbon to Live. I had to re-drill the four holes as well. A good boat dealership that installs electronics might be able to help.
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