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Garmin Force transducer swap

Posted By: Shaggin Bass

Garmin Force transducer swap - 11/10/20 11:37 PM

Have a new transducer on the way to swap out with one currently in the trolling motor. Has anyone done this? How involved is it? Any tips to make it easier? Thanks in advance.
Posted By: ring fry

Re: Garmin Force transducer swap - 11/11/20 12:57 AM

Yes I've done it. It is like pushing a chain up hill, if that tells you anything. Follow the instructions, don't skip anything. I finally tied some 80# braid around the cables and pulled and pushed them through the shaft. Have plenty of room to spread out the trolling motor because you will damn near completely disassemble it. Don't drink too many beers while doing it. Have a friend help. Be sure to use all the new parts, even though the old ones look fine. And have a 6mm (?) hex key that has the roundish end on it. Don't quote me on the 6mm but whatever it is get one that has the rounded head.

And the best part is that I get to do it again sometime this week as my new 56UHD is on the way.

Good Luck. Send me a pm if you get in a jam.

Retired grass grower
Posted By: Shaggin Bass

Re: Garmin Force transducer swap - 11/11/20 01:50 AM

Will do. Thank ya sir!! Sounds like its going to be all the fun I expected it to be. Lol
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