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Hds gen 3 still learning

Posted By: Mo

Hds gen 3 still learning - 09/07/20 10:01 PM

I was considering a second unit for my console, so I could run chart on one and SI on the other while looking for Brushpiles.
I was marking piles I already had marked.
I watched a YouTube video that showed how to set up split screens. I knew how to do this, but did not know you can split top and bottom, and also adjust size of splits.
I now have a screen that is SI on top , and covers 3/4 of the display, with chart on bottom. I find it helpful to Sidescan
Known Brushpiles ever so often to remind me what I am looking for.
Having the chart visible make this easy.

The same video showed how to edit the overlay data.

I will post a link to the video if I can find. One of the most helpful I have watched. Saved me some $$$$ and time.

Good luck
Posted By: Mo

Re: Hds gen 3 still learning - 09/07/20 10:23 PM

This is it , lots of good info here

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