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Lowrance Hook 12 question

Posted By: Jamoke

Lowrance Hook 12 question - 08/10/20 03:31 PM

My boat has a Humminbird, My friend just bought a used boat. He wants to install new electronics. He calls me and says he can get a Lowrance Hook 12 for under $800 at academy. Plus they have military discount. I don't know Lowrance at all, I figure, it is some older model or they wont be making them anymore. It sounds like a heck of a deal to me. less than 800 for a 12 inch screen. can anyone clarify why it is So cheep? Thanks

Posted By: tmd11111

Re: Lowrance Hook 12 question - 08/10/20 03:39 PM

The were put in sale right before Christmas for $799. It was replaced by the Hook2 a few months before that but still a good deal none the less.
Posted By: Rob Jasper Lowrance Pro-Staff

Re: Lowrance Hook 12 question - 08/10/20 07:03 PM

Lowrance stopped making the 12" model in the Hook Series, plus they have replaced this HOOK unit with the HOOK2 and now HOOK REVEAL. He did get a good deal and this unit is pretty plug and play. Should have come with the triple shot transducer providing Down and Side Scan along with 2D sonar and mapping.
Posted By: Jamoke

Re: Lowrance Hook 12 question - 08/10/20 08:09 PM

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