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Garmin Striker 4CV

Posted By: RandyG2650

Garmin Striker 4CV - 07/31/20 04:11 AM

So correct me if I’m wrong . . . The fish that I’m picking up from the finder are in the area that’s under my boat
Meaning I should drop below or cast a little ways out? Not a full
Blown cast??
Posted By: ring fry

Re: Garmin Striker 4CV - 07/31/20 06:05 AM

It's showing you a cone shaped view under the transducer.

Retired grass grower
Posted By: RandyG2650

Re: Garmin Striker 4CV - 07/31/20 11:19 AM

Yes . . . So when trying to get on the fish that it’s showing, are you making small
Casts around your boat? Or are you making long casts? Or are you dropping something like a wacky or ned rig beneath you?
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