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I need XI5 / HDS gen 2 NON touch help

Posted By: pugman

I need XI5 / HDS gen 2 NON touch help - 07/09/20 05:45 PM

Not sure if I can post something from another site but i am not sure what else to do.
I have been on hold with Lowrance support for 1hr and 29 mins. I am trying to get my HDS 8Gen 2 non touch to show my XI5 trolling mtr. I can't seem to find it.
I did find this post on an internet search but can't get any feedback from the site or the person. After the second post was a picture showing the hds with the same screen that a unit has when it has "autopilot" which the gen 2 non touch does not.
Can someone direct me to a solution. Before I get badmouthed about searching for it. I have done my due diligence on searching just can't find a solution

Xi5 Gateway to Lowrance HDS question
I installed an xi5 this weekend. I have a Gen 2 Touch HDS 9 and a Gen 2 HDS 8 (non-touch) on the NMEA backbone with it.
The Autopilot menu shows up as expected on the Touch but not on the non-Touch HDS 8 Gen 2.
Should it? I know the non-Touch is communicating with the xi5 because I can see the heading data changing when I rotate the head (when I investigate the network devices - I see four xi5 data streams)

Maybe the non-Touch doesn't have the Autopilot menu? I see "Steering" pages and such but no Autopilot anywhere.

Can someone enlighten me on what's possible on the non-Touch? I am running ver 4.0 software (the latest)

Then this was posted-
"thanks for nothing you losers - figured it out myself

that's right - a non-touch running xi5"

showing that it was accomplished.
Posted By: bronco71

Re: I need XI5 / HDS gen 2 NON touch help - 07/09/20 11:46 PM

It should work, my Xi5 works with my HDS7 Gen 2 non touch, Elite 9 TI and HDS 12 Gen 3 touch....
Posted By: Rob Jasper Lowrance Pro-Staff

Re: I need XI5 / HDS gen 2 NON touch help - 07/10/20 01:03 PM

HDS non touch units by themselves cannot be networked to an XI5 in so far as using the features to run a depth range, contour, trail etc. The HDS non touch do not have the processor capability or hardware and software to use those features.
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