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Graph compatability with Mega 360

Posted By: John A.

Graph compatability with Mega 360 - 06/22/20 01:58 AM

I have researched and I thought I knew the answer but I wanted to confirm before making a purchase.

I want to add Mega 360 to my boat. I thought originally that I could use a Helix Gen 2 Mega DI to operate a mega 360
After reading some more info, it says I would need an ethernet subscription. I presume that means I would have to have a solix gen 2 or helix gen 3 to for the mega 360?

Posted By: 44 Diesel

Re: Graph compatability with Mega 360 - 06/22/20 02:40 AM

Correct, solix Gen 2 or Helix gen 3. You can network the mega 360 from a solix Gen 2 to gen 1 or a Helix gen 3 to a Helix gen 2 but you have to have the latest gen for either model.

You don't necessarily need the side imaging model either to get mega 360 if ya wanna save a few dollars
Posted By: Wayne P.

Re: Graph compatability with Mega 360 - 06/23/20 02:23 AM

The unit has to be a SI+ or DI+ model. The sonar model will not support the MEGA 360, but will display it from a SI+ or DI+ model.

The smart choice is the DI+ model since the MEGA 360 uses the SI circuits. Cannot use the SI piezos in a SI transducer when connecting a MEGA 360. The MEGA 360 replaces SI on a SI+ model and adds SI to a DI+ model.

You can use the MEGA 360 only but will not have a depth readout unless you share that from another unit via Ethernet or use a Y cable and and an added transducer---HW CHIRP, HW+MEGA DI, HW+ MEGA SI, or Minnkota built-in MDI or MSI transducer.
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