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Linking units (for a dummy)

Posted By: Ben B

Linking units (for a dummy) - 06/06/20 11:07 PM

So I’m brand new to the electronics scene after purchasing a new boat. Really going all in on electronics and trying to learn them inside and out.

I have Lowrance HDS 9 carbons on console and bow. I know there is a way to share data across both units - but the dealer said they are not linked together. Do I need to install an Ethernet cable or is there a way to wirelessly connect them?

Very sorry if this seems like a stupid question...but like I said I’m new on this stuff. I’ll take any harassment that comes my way...
Posted By: Flippin-Out

Re: Linking units (for a dummy) - 06/07/20 07:10 AM

The connectors on the back are color coded. To link them, you need to put an Ethernet cable between them. This would be on the golden yellow colored connector. There are two on your units I believe. This is so you can daisy-chain a number of units together. With 2 units, a single Ethernet cable can be connected to either of those on each unit. I believe the shortest Ethernet cable is 6 feet. Once you do that, they can share a map chip you put in one unit, and waypoints will be shared automatically. Set a waypoint on one unit, and it will appear shortly on the other. Note that with this feature, if you want a waypoint to go away forever, both units must be on when you delete it.
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