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Lowrance TI2 Help

Posted By: Scdogman

Lowrance TI2 Help - 05/25/20 11:48 AM

Took the boat out for the first time this year and the sidescan is not working. I can see a faint line but do data.

Worked fine all last year. Has anyone seen this before.

Plan is to update software and then perform a software reset?

Any other ideas?
Posted By: shadboy

Re: Lowrance TI2 Help - 05/25/20 12:37 PM

Don’t do SW upgrade.

I don’t know anything about Lowrance.
I say this as a long time service engineer. Talk with Lowrance, go to bass boat central and ask questions there.
If it was working last year and now has stopped more likely a different issue. Doing an upgrade now and if it still doesn’t work you have to troubleshoot 2 possible issues.

Just my opinion.
Posted By: Scdogman

Re: Lowrance TI2 Help - 05/25/20 01:29 PM

The unit is under warranty. Lowrance helpdesk recommend those steps. I do agree with your logic
Posted By: Scdogman

Re: Lowrance TI2 Help - 05/25/20 09:37 PM

Saved my settings and waypoints and did a soft reset. This appear to resolve the problem. At the boat ramp sidescan appears to be fine.
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