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NOCO Gen3 Failure (UPDATE)

Posted By: bayoubob

NOCO Gen3 Failure (UPDATE) - 05/09/20 03:11 PM

I have a 3 bank 10 amps per bank charger that the lights show it is charging when I plug it in but within a minute or so it is shutting off. What is everyone’s opinion if these. I am thinking they are just a cheap built charger. Tell me your thoughts.

Corresponded with customer service thru email. Was told that if I had the receipt (which I do) then they would replace it for roughly $135 but he suggested that he would make me a one time deal and that I could buy a new one that would have a full 5 year warranty for roughly $189. I bought this unit in Dec of 2017. My math shows its is not 5 years old. I have done no mods on the wiring period but they will not take care of me. This is some import [censored] that isn't worth owning. I have a second boat with one of their units in it and I will not be surprised when it dies as well. Very disappointed in how this was handled. Oh well I ordered me an American Made Dual Pro Charger.
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