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Hds 9 gen 2 update ?

Posted By: Del Magic

Hds 9 gen 2 update ? - 05/04/20 01:47 PM

I have an hds 9 gen 2 touch that I purchase new in 2013. I have never updated the software during that time. How should I go about that? Do I just find the latest update and download that or do I need to download several updates since it's been so long? Thanks!
Posted By: Rob Jasper Lowrance Pro-Staff

Re: Hds 9 gen 2 update ? - 05/04/20 03:46 PM

You can just upload the latest software version by going to www.lowrance.com Click on support and then software updates & manuals. Be sure and select the correct GEN-2 (assuming touch model). You will want to save the update (.upd file) on a black SD card no larger than 16GB (Gen-2 touch may take a 32GB card???). Once you have the update on your SD card, go out to your HDS Gen-2 9 Touch unit and with it turned OFF insert the SD card. After the card is inserted in the unit, turn the unit on. You should see it start an update. Let it finish and reboot up to normal status. Once it has re-booted REMOVE SD card. If the unit does not appear to do an update, either your card size is too big, already had the update or something was not done properly when downloading the software to the card. I will send you a private message in case you have questions.
Posted By: Del Magic

Re: Hds 9 gen 2 update ? - 05/05/20 01:39 AM

Thanks Rob!
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