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Hooking 360 to Helix 12 gen1

Posted By: srobby24

Hooking 360 to Helix 12 gen1 - 05/01/20 08:46 PM

What will be needed to hook up the 360 to a Helix 12 gen1?

The Helix is hooked up to the ultrex 2d transducer right now.

Will I need a y cable?
Posted By: Wayne P.

Re: Hooking 360 to Helix 12 gen1 - 05/01/20 09:19 PM

The 360 is an Ethernet accessory and works will all units that have Ethernet except the 11X7 models.
To connect directly to the Helix, you need the AS EC QDE Ethernet Adapter and an Ethernet cable between the 360's Ethernet cord and the Adapter. The sonar source is completely independent and separate, makes no difference what it is. If you want a depth readout on the 360 view, you need at least a 2D transducer connected to the unit. The 360 will work without any other sonar source.

A Y cable is used with a MEGA 360 to share the unit's transducer port, but the unit has to be a Helix G3N DI+ or SI+ or SOLIX G2.
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