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Navionics boating app with Lowrance Elite TI

Posted By: jlhtec

Navionics boating app with Lowrance Elite TI - 04/12/20 07:09 PM

I have an Elite TI with the basic charts, so I carry my phone with the boating HD app. The app gives me the detail needed and I can look up new spots when I'm not boating. However, this is becoming a pain having to carry a phone to get the higher HD charts.

Can I integrate the high fidelity charts on the boating HD app with my Elite TI?

Posted By: tmd11111

Re: Navionics boating app with Lowrance Elite TI - 04/12/20 07:20 PM

I have the Hotmaps Platinum card in one of my TI's. It shows satellite views along with their charts. Great thing is it happens to show my local lakes when the water level was really low so makes it easy to find hidden structure. For that reason along I wont update it.
Posted By: Rob Jasper Lowrance Pro-Staff

Re: Navionics boating app with Lowrance Elite TI - 04/13/20 03:11 PM

Hard to beat Navionics. You can buy the $149 or $199 chip. The $199 gives you some 3D looks. The 'South' chip gives you TX, NM, OK and all the gulf coast states from TX to Florida.
If you get the $199 chip, you can take it out of the 3D mode as I like the 2D look the best.
Posted By: ccoker

Re: Navionics boating app with Lowrance Elite TI - 04/17/20 10:45 PM

just triple check the compatibilty matrix of supported features for your particular GPS

I bought an Elite Ti 9 a few months ago when I saw it on sale for 600 with the total scan transduscer and ordered the Platimum map with satelite overview..

Only used it once out on the water but what a difference vs the old Garmin with base map we had

I spend a lot of time on Google earth as well as the Navionics chart viewer online on my large 4k monitor looking for places to target.

Going out tomorrow to Seadrift for a few days, can't wait to us it

One thing I don't think I can do that I was hoping was to be able to chart out a course online and sync it with my phone app and then with my GPS on board via wireless

I believe I have to chart a course on my phone (or IPAD) and then sync that with the GPS
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