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Utility of side image mosaics?

Posted By: Boomerbrewer

Utility of side image mosaics? - 12/11/19 06:03 PM

I am wanting to get into crappie fishing and have started looking for brushy spots/piles in my local lake (belton). I am thinking of trying to do a side image mosaic in reefmaster or autochart live pro to look for them in some sections of the lake. I know solix units can do this on the fly so I figure some folks do it. I am interested to know how useful mosaics are for this. I have helix units so I would need to record logs and do postprocessing and I am not sure it it is worth it. Any thoughts?
Posted By: Wayne P.

Re: Utility of side image mosaics? - 12/11/19 07:39 PM

No such thing as Auto Chart Live Pro.
There is Auto Chart Live built into current SOLIX and Helix units to create HD contour mapping, bottom hardness mapping and vegetation mapping.
There is Auto Chart which is computer software to generate HD contour mapping.
There is Auto Chart Pro computer software that does the same as Auto Chart plus mosaics.

Data that the two computer softwares can process is Auto Chart Live files downloaded to a Zero Line card, and unit RECORD files to a regular memory card.

You can download the manuals for all three products from the Humminbird website.
Posted By: Boomerbrewer

Re: Utility of side image mosaics? - 12/12/19 02:24 AM

Thanks Wayne, My bad I should have left out the live, it confuses what I am really trying understand. I do use autochart live sometimes, but my local lake is well mapped and it does not add a lot of info. I really like the look of some of the side image mosaics I see online but there is not a lot of them. Most of what I've seen is done live on solix units that I don't have. Just wanting to know how useful they are for locating brushpiles and standing timber. Both for looking for crappie and keeping my downrigger balls in the clear. I figure a few solix users on the form must have played with them.
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