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Garmin 93 SV plus

Posted By: Sandblaster

Garmin 93 SV plus - 05/29/19 08:36 AM

Which transducers come with the Garmin 93 sv plus? I think the structure scan transducer is the Garmin GT21-TM but not sure.
Posted By: ring fry

Re: Garmin 93 SV plus - 05/29/19 11:13 AM

The GT52 comes with the 93sv PLUS.

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Posted By: Boomerbrewer

Re: Garmin 93 SV plus - 05/29/19 12:07 PM

I saw 2 versions one with a cv52 and one with the gt52. They had a sale on the at bass pro/cabelas a few months back for 599 I think it was. I got one of those and it has the cv52, It may have been a cheaper package that garmin made for them only. The version with the gt52 was several hundred more at the time. I got it for a livescope so I did not care about the transducer. The cv lacks dedicated down facing elements for 455 and 800 mhz and is said to suffer for it. How much better is the GT52? IDK but lots of discussion on that can be found.
Posted By: shut-up-and-fish

Re: Garmin 93 SV plus - 05/30/19 03:39 AM

CV52 is last years model. GT52HW is the current model.

Re: Garmin 93 SV plus - 08/21/19 05:10 PM

In regards to the Garmin CV52 transducer... according to what I was told from a dealer the CV52 is absolute and in about a year it will no longer be supported with future updates for the Echomap units. He said it was something to do with a law suit between Lowrance and Garmin after the CV52 had been on the market so Garmin phased them out and replaced them with the GT52.
Also David is correct about the CV52 not having a dedicated element for Downview. It used the two Sideview elements and generated a computerized down Image view which wasn't all that good. I know cause I had one until I got the new touch screen Echomap 93sv and Livescope. It has the new CV52HW-tm transducer and the Downview is head and shoulders BETTER than the CV52, and the Sideview image is better as well.
Posted By: SC-001

Re: Garmin 93 SV plus - 09/11/19 03:30 PM

There are 2 different tranducers that were sold with these graphs, the down image on the old GT52, the one before the Lowrance lawsuit, is WAY better.
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