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Fish needed

Posted By: eaglewings

Fish needed - 09/11/20 01:36 AM

Hey Folks. Im new here, so Im not sure if I am posting this in the right place. Please let me know if not.
Anyway, I am disabled. So, I havent the money or means to go do what I would LOVE to do.... Deep Sea fishing.

What I want to ask yall, is there anyone that may have some fish (Grouper,Red Drum,Black Drum, ect.) that may be taking up space in your freezer?
I dont care what kind of fish, I LOVE the taste of Ocean caught fish. They are so much tastier than lake fish.

Anyway, if there is anyone that can help a feller out, please text me at......325-386-8327
I am in East Texas (1 hour south of Tyler)

Thank you.
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