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Anyone going out Oct. 17th-20th, looking for extra seat

Posted By: txcowboy1961

Anyone going out Oct. 17th-20th, looking for extra seat - 08/19/19 08:45 AM

I am going to step outta my bubble and do something I've never done before. I am going to head down to Port Arkansas, or Goose Island State Park or Galveston depending on My luck on Oct. 17th to 20th. Mainly going Flounder gigging, I had to sell my boat it was just too big for me to handle by myself, I would always try and find some fisherman on the dock that wanted to go out and. Arch some real fish just so I would have another person or persons to help me like tie off, cut. Sit, just anything g as well give then a trip to remember, and not charge them anything g we kinda of helped each other and still I. Co tact with many newly met friends made just from a 6-8 hour day of fishing. I hv had health problems, but since quadruple heart bypass surgery I am healed and ready to go. Been a couple of years since I have been down there but hopefully the Flounder spots I once had or knew about are still productive. But I was given a gift in the hospital from my buds from my work a nice what I am calling my new Dorado or Kng rod/reel combo. It is a Stella 5000, and a 8'6" one piece custom rod. But they did not know I sold my boat, im looking for a replacement as I type this up. But won't have in time for my little trip, or equipment the way I want it anyways. Sticking my neck out here and asking gif anyone has a dependable offshore boat like maybe a gas economy center console boat and just doesn't have the money For all the fuel needed to get where he wants to go, or needing a 2nd person or 3rd person to help make the fishing trip easier and more fun. I will pay for fuel and if not enough maybe little extra money. Spoke with several guides that I can go out with awaiting word from booking party To on a stranger not in their group to tag along for 275.00. I would like to catch a Dorado maybe king or Wahoo. And hopefully they gig also always nice to hv someone to chat with while gigging. I hv two lights and gigs.. also hv my own equipment, lures hooks knifes does the program I'm Acailabke still operate. I'm very easy to get along with cheerful work hard all my life and if I'm your friend I'm a friend forever. Anyway thought it would be helpful to post this, make my trip as productive as possible, hope it's in the correct area. I do not drink or smoke, wry clean and respectful and know water rules and regulations. Respectful of other folks property. I will check my inbox if anyone is interested thanks and good fishing to everyone
Posted By: wyliepirate

Re: Anyone going out Oct. 17th-20th, looking for extra seat - 03/26/20 04:40 PM

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