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Fisherman's Wharf Sold

Posted By: Max_S

Fisherman's Wharf Sold - 05/02/19 04:24 PM

Just came across an article saying that Fisherman's Wharf is under new ownership and while renovation of the building and boats is taking place, they will be running trips on a reduced schedule.


I don't fish with them as much as with Deep Sea HQ, but I did like to go on their 12 hr overnight trips around this time of year. I'll have to call to find out what a "reduced schedule" means. More importantly, does anyone know what their long-term plans for the fishing boats are? Is the business going to focus more on the store/restaurant end of things as the article seems to imply while phasing out a lot of the fishing trips for good, or is this just temporary?
Posted By: Allison1

Re: Fisherman's Wharf Sold - 05/03/19 11:34 AM

They are still operating. A friend is a captain on the Scat Cat and this boat is the one we have taken tuna fishing on some 56 to 60 hour trips.
The boat is getting new engines this summer and I think he said something about new electronics.

We have a trip tentatively planned for November.
Posted By: tunatamer

Re: Fisherman's Wharf Sold - 05/03/19 12:37 PM

I read the article but didn't pick up on the "phasing out trips for good" part.

As one of the co-conspirators of the planned November tuna trip David referred to in the above reply I think I can say that their is a lot of indecision happening at this time. We were told that cosmetic revamps and new engine fits would not begin until after the summer fishing season. I'm just guessing but I would think that would indicate they are planning to continue to do daily trips that would include the overnight 12 hr.

If you are into overnight trips DSH also does one on Saturday nights on the Gulf Eagle .... or has in the past anyway.
Posted By: Osbornfishing

Re: Fisherman's Wharf Sold - 05/14/19 07:01 PM

All of the fishing operations got hit pretty hard in the hurricane. Dolphin Docks had to rebuild their entire building but they are open and running all of their trips now. I have caught fish at all of the operations and Port Aransas is a great place to go. You can catch lots of fish at a reasonable price.
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