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Rookie Dad Advice - HS Fishing

Posted By: Lucidfisher

Rookie Dad Advice - HS Fishing - 09/25/21 12:49 PM

Hello all,

I am a long time bass fisherman but mostly a pond fisherman. My son is a freshman in HS and wants to start a fishing team, his school doesn’t have one so I am essentially starting up from scratch. I have experience boating but not a ton of experience fishing on a boat. I want to do this with my son so I am planning to be the captain and obviously I have a lot to learn and am looking forward to learning it with him. We are mostly in it for fun so not really trying to win anything. But I do need some advise, primarily what I would like help with from this group are the specs I need to look for in a boat and general advise to a startup team? I appreciate any advise you can send my way, thanks!

Edit: also any advice on fish finders would be appreciated.
Posted By: KYBluefan

Re: Rookie Dad Advice - HS Fishing - 09/25/21 05:11 PM

First off go to THSBA website. All the rules including boat spec requirements are there. 16' foot is minimum and should meet all coast guard requirements such as HP of outboard cannot exceed the max limit of boat and so on. Will have to have $300k liability insurance on the boat.

On fish finders I can just say we had Garmins on last boat and really liked them for there ease of use and still produced a quality image. On new boat have Humminbirds and while they are really nice they can take awhile to get used to. I have a Helix and Solix and catch myself trying to use the Helix as a touch screen which it is not. No experience with Lowrance. We're still trying to learn to use the birds better.
Posted By: Bowtech32

Re: Rookie Dad Advice - HS Fishing - 09/26/21 01:39 AM

I am new to THSBA as well, but been boating,fishing and about 20 or so tournaments, Right now I can tell you I have heck getting everything sighed up for due to there system not able to send emails to anything but popular email host like Gmail, yahoo, etc. if you have not done the sign up I would tell you to create a gmail for this, makes it a lot easier
Posted By: Slide_R

Re: Rookie Dad Advice - HS Fishing - 09/29/21 06:42 PM

Find a good local bass club learn with them and your son, with the right club the experience will be more fun for both of you.
Posted By: ForneySkeeter

Re: Rookie Dad Advice - HS Fishing - 01/31/22 08:48 PM

I agree with Slide_R. Buy whatever boat you can afford, I'd say no shorter than 20' with at least a 150. A lot of the boat advice is in proportion to your budget. Maybe you can only afford $5000 for a boat, but maybe you are a sicko like many of us and can "afford" $100K. Money buys SOME ability. Meaning, the best boat, motor, trolling motor, and ELECTRONICS will shorten the learning curve. Whatever boat you buy, get help on the purchase and certainly "on the lake" guidance!! Spend a ton of time on your closest lake, learning the lake and how to catch fish on that particular lake. Maybe hire a guide on that lake to give you some direction. Fish for a year or so, enter some small club tournaments, then go to HS club level. I think it's gonna be hard to jump right in without much bass fishing experience, especially with little to no tourney experience. With that said, most clubs and tournament fishermen are willing to help you and certainly happy to help young people get started in bass fishing and tournament fishing.
Posted By: TripletsFish

Re: Rookie Dad Advice - HS Fishing - 02/07/22 09:40 PM

Is that the new one they rolled out a couple of years ago? I hear it is a nightmare and gave healthcare.gov a run for its money for worst website launches.
Posted By: Los Lagos

Re: Rookie Dad Advice - HS Fishing - 02/10/22 09:13 PM

Where does your son go to High School
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