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Fit Bit / health tracking watches


Fit Bit / health tracking watches - 09/03/20 07:04 PM

So I got me a cheapo off Amazon. How much faith / how accurate do you think these things are ? It seems to vary from what my phone and treadmill say.... All three are different with steps / miles / heart rate.
Posted By: lakeforkfisherman

Re: Fit Bit / health tracking watches - 09/05/20 01:48 AM

Unless your treadmill has a chest strap heart monitor, the fit bit will be more accurate.
Posted By: H2O Seeker

Re: Fit Bit / health tracking watches - 09/06/20 01:34 PM

Depending on the model and mode they track 'movement'. Some are more accurate than others with pulse tracking. I've worn one fishing and at the end of the day it showed I had topped 30,000 steps. I didn't make 30,000 casts that day but the water was choppy.

My son wears one everyday. He was in a glider rocker after dinner a couple weeks ago and it registered his movement. Alerted him: "It appears you are working out"! Gave pulse readings and targets.

I use multiple sources and have a analog pedometer that I use to verify when I walk/run.
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