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Aransas Pass Flounder

Posted By: Lindsey

Aransas Pass Flounder - 08/31/21 05:45 AM

I don't want your honey holes. I just want to know what types of areas, tides, and lures I should be fishing. I have a base knowledge of how to do it, but I've never had the patience to put it into practice. I'd prefer to fish artificials. I'll be taking a trip the first week of October and I'm in a kayak. Thank you.
Posted By: pineywoods

Re: Aransas Pass Flounder - 09/01/21 10:24 AM

Hard bottoms, or at least clean bottoms. I always liked to find where marshes emptied into the bay through a cut or pass. Catch it on a falling tide and flatfish are positioned to eat fish/shrimp that are swimming out the cut, so always cast upcurrent and pull slowly back. Fall fishing includes fishing shorelines on major passes where flounder are staging for their migration into open gulf waters. So, cuts and shorelines along the intercoastal waterway can be good. My favorite artificial is a Berkley Gulp Alive 3" shrimp in New Penny. New Penny on a hot pink or red jig head. Bring several weights of jig heads for different currents. 1/4 oz, 3/8 oz. etc. You will want a short handle landing net unless you don't mind losing a few at the boat.

Wish I was going! Good luck, have fun.
Posted By: Lindsey

Re: Aransas Pass Flounder - 09/01/21 05:28 PM

Pinewoods that's great advice. I really appreciate it. I have some great spots in mind based on your information and will put them to work. Tight lines brotha!
Posted By: V-Bottom

Re: Aransas Pass Flounder - 09/02/21 02:13 AM

New Penny's w/ chart. tail... Flounder like most anything flashy w/ a slow retrieve, tight line,and wait for the "thump". They are an "ambush" type fish. 15" minimum size this year.
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