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School me Shark Fishing Port A

Posted By: Bassdeer

School me Shark Fishing Port A - 08/23/21 02:09 PM

Looking to make some trips to Port A and am thinking about surf fishing for sharks. Please school me.

First question. Can I even do it without a kayak?

Have a Penn Battle II 6000 is this reel big enough? I'm guessing it is.

What do I spool up with? (have 50lb braid on it now)

Best rig, weight, hook size, bait? all that stuff.

Thanks for any help.
Posted By: jippedgenes

Re: School me Shark Fishing Port A - 08/26/21 03:01 PM

Yeah I have been down there a dozen times over the years and never got one. Granted the hottest part of the summer.

Going October I would like to know as well. Similar setup, 6000 series reel/50lb braid 10' rods.

Hope you have some luck BD. if you get any let us know.
Posted By: JJ4MEL

Re: School me Shark Fishing Port A - 09/02/21 05:41 PM

Stop by Roy's Bait and Tackle and they will set you up with all the rigging you need. I have caught 3ft shark in the first cut on mullet. I fished a lot at night and I would typically have 2 lines shallow and 2 further out. Stop at Walmart and get you a cheap inflatable raft if you don't want a kayak so you can swim your baits out a little further or just keep an eye on FB marketplace or Craigslist and find a cheap kayak. You can usually find a sundolphin for less than $200.

You're not far from me. You could just take me with you and I can show you roflmao
Posted By: Stanley Orchard

Re: School me Shark Fishing Port A - 09/07/21 06:11 PM

You can do it. You want 50-100 yards of heavy Mono/Fluoro as a leader... 60+ is best. Braid will snap if it gets dragged across the sandbar. Use those big surf weights and have a couple feet of wire leader for the teeth. I like to butterfly a mullet, I swim them out to the outside sandbar and cat as far out into the gut as possible. Go for distance.

The problem is that you are going to take some hits from trash fish, so check that bait regularly. it's a workout, but it can be done.

I don't advise doing this... but when I really want to get a shark I take a stringer and a bag full of cut bait out past the sandbar and just fish from there instead of walking that rod back to the beach. Chums them in. Of course if you chum in a big one you are in for some problems.
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