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port a area bait pricing

Posted By: h^10

port a area bait pricing - 08/08/21 04:45 AM

hello all, i am just wondering what the bait prices are looking like in the port a area. blue crab, mullet, piggy perch, croaker, etc.
Posted By: IslandJim

Re: port a area bait pricing - 08/08/21 04:13 PM

Don't know much about Port A bait prices, but I was recently in Port Isabel/SPI, and a quart of live shrimp was $22.00, where in Aransas Pass, it's $18.00 a quart. Some of the bait shops didn't have live shrimp on one day. Maybe supply & demand causes price fluctuations. There are more live bait places in AP than PA, and there weren't many in Port Isabel.
I don't use any of the bait you asked about, so I don't know, but if I wasn't staying on the Port A, I'd buy bait before I got there. Good luck, IslandJim
Posted By: h^10

Re: port a area bait pricing - 08/08/21 06:51 PM

alright, thanks!!!
Posted By: Osbornfishing

Re: port a area bait pricing - 08/09/21 04:50 PM

Give Port A Outfitters a call and they can give you current prices and information on availability.

Posted By: JohnRussell

Re: port a area bait pricing - 08/09/21 06:10 PM

I always stop at Clems Marina on my way to Port A. They have a qt of live shrimp for like $20. They generally are not out of bait and the prices are, generally, less than in Port A... and, good people.

Off the SPID on the other side of Corpus.. no long wait to cross the ferry.

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