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8 y/o Drowns..

Posted By: V-Bottom

8 y/o Drowns.. - 05/15/21 03:27 AM

G-town last Tuesday. An out of town youngster swimming just off the beach was sucked under bc of rip tides. He was found today.....6 miles from where he went down. Folks, currents along G-town's beaches are tricky. That day NO RED FLAGS were flying which warns swimmers of RIP TIDES. Summer is almost here, school is almost out....if you head to the beaches down this way, stay cautious please. AS waters warm up along our coast , stay tuned for any word about that flesh eating bacteria..commonly called VIBRIO. It can kill...and fast. The bacteria enters the body thru open cuts and sores etc. BEWARE.. BTW: This stuff can be in fresh water areas too.
Posted By: JJ4MEL

Re: 8 y/o Drowns.. - 05/18/21 04:28 PM

angel2 Rest in peace little one!! Prayers to the family and thank you for the PSA.
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