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Posted By: jimmytimmy87

Line Type - 05/02/21 07:07 PM

Once a year, I go to Florida. I go out on the party boats and fish for snapper. I just got a reel to take on the trip, and I want to put braid on it. Thing is, I don't think those deck hands will let me fish with braid on my reel. (and I don't blame them)

Stretchy line bugs me when vertical fishing. Fluoro seems a little expensive. What do you recommend I should spool it with?
Posted By: 1956Zebco

Re: Line Type - 05/03/21 12:46 AM

If you want fluorocarbon go with it - the cost is nothing compared to the trip. Personally I'd use what you've seen used - those guys know their business pretty good and depend on getting fish in the boat for repeat business. Can't go wrong with what they're dropping.
Posted By: Magged Out

Re: Line Type - 05/03/21 02:12 PM

Mono Top Shot on Braid
Posted By: Osbornfishing

Re: Line Type - 05/04/21 10:10 PM

Originally Posted by Magged Out
Mono Top Shot on Braid


Fill the reel 3/4 of the way with 100# braid in case you get a mako, marlin, or something big. Top it off with 50 or 80 pound Berkeley big game. I use Berkeley Pro Spec because you get heavier test with smaller line, but it costs more. Party boat fishing can result in lots of tangles and stuff, so I normally do not use fluorocarbon. Most of the time you will only have the mono out, keeping your deck hands happy.
Posted By: V-Bottom

Re: Line Type - 05/17/21 11:15 PM

What he said ^^^^^
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