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Planning a trip to puerto rico

Posted By: DeetsnGus

Planning a trip to puerto rico - 01/27/21 04:41 AM

I am planning a trip to Puerto Rico sometime between June to September. I was wondering if anyone has any experience fishing there and could give me some tips for planning a trip. There will be 7 people total. We are open to booking multiple boats for light tackle fishing. Thanks for the help.
Posted By: BAR

Re: Planning a trip to puerto rico - 02/04/21 03:12 PM

Used to live there for 27 months a few years back. Parguera Fishing Charters used to be the guys bringing them in time after time. If your going to San Juan and want the "tourists" fishing guide, Bayside has been around a long time. After the storms the whole Island has changed. I went to San Juan last Dec and hardly recognized the City. Along the beaches where we lived the hotels, condos, apartments and shops were abandoned. Few businesses were still there. The Port area (uphill) had new and renovated shops for the cruise ships. Some of them are now closed (so I hear) due to the lack of ship passengers. Do a lot of homework before heading there.
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