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Flounder in December?

Posted By: Thunk

Flounder in December? - 12/04/20 12:21 AM

Going to Port Aransas on Dec. 18-23. Will I have any luck on Flounder?
Posted By: smooth move

Re: Flounder in December? - 12/04/20 01:40 AM

Posted By: V-Bottom

Re: Flounder in December? - 12/04/20 02:33 AM

Flounder fishing in that area varies slightly thru out the year. High season is April to June. From July-Nov. it slacks off. Lowest season is Dec. Jan. and Feb.
Posted By: atx_ben

Re: Flounder in December? - 12/04/20 01:28 PM

My experience in Galveston was that it was generally Halloween to Christmas where you could get into them easily. Of course, they don't disappear after Christmas, they just don't congregate. Given that the limit is only 2 these days, not sure how much that matters.
Posted By: gigum

Re: Flounder in December? - 12/04/20 07:13 PM

Yes December flounder are some of the biggest. They are a little more difficult to find but when you do they are huge. In my opinion December flounder gigging is one of the best times to go.
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