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Posted By: SmackJack

Service Advertising - 04/06/20 02:43 PM

Hello everyone.

I am doing a little research during the downtime I have due to the health situation going on and wanted to know as guides and outfitters, are forums like this the one place you advertise your service? Along with maybe a facebook page or website of your own? Any input from any of you would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
Posted By: Stanley Orchard

Re: Service Advertising - 04/08/20 02:20 PM

I think it warrants having that information available... if/when I am looking for a charter/guide this is one of the first places I would go looking. I would also add that some consideration should be given to advertising with good local YouTubers. And I don't mean that as a shameless plug; a good local YouTuber is less expensive than legacy media and can get information about your product in front of people who are looking specifically for your product. Also a well produced video is evergreen and collects views for years.

Not sure where you are located but here is a list of people I would consider to be good prospects:
A&J Outdoors
Heavy Stringers
Texas Fishing Force
Saltwater Hooked
Morales Texas Fishing
We Go Fishing
Nick Meyer
Will Cory
Fishing Stripes
All of these guys have made good videos, come with an audience and are good about answering their comments (so they are easy to get in touch with).
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