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South Padre Island Surf Fishing [Help]

Posted By: SharkFisher21

South Padre Island Surf Fishing [Help] - 09/24/19 06:55 PM

Hey guys I’m new here, I am going to South Padre Island over thanksgiving, and will be Surf fishing for sharks around beach access 6 or 5 on highway (100). My method of deploying bait will be with a drone, as I don’t have a kayak, and can’t carry one on my vehicle. My question for you experienced fishermen is: How many feet (or yards) should I fly out to catch some decent size sharks? I know the sandbars change, but as a approximations how far from the beach is the second sandbar over there? I’ll be using mullet / shrimp . I’m looking for medium size sharks, cheers and thanks for the help!
Posted By: Sponxx

Re: South Padre Island Surf Fishing [Help] - 09/25/19 06:24 PM

Without having caught any sharks at PINS, I will say that 300yds is probably where you should start seeing better chances. Of course it will depend on bait, waves, tides, time of days and a bunch of other factors. From all I know about PINs (which isn't much) is that there a plenty of toothy creatures that can spool you before you realize what is going on. I know of people catching 4-6ft on the first gut too.

What gear and setup do you have?
Penn 4/0 HLW or a decent 6k or 8k size spinning reel should allow you to land midsized sharks. Depending on skill, can land bigger ones too, but we don't get to pick what takes the bait.
Posted By: TroutSupport.com

Re: South Padre Island Surf Fishing [Help] - 09/28/19 01:58 PM

You should be able to count the bars in your video view of the drone... if your drone shoots video or views video.. The lines where the waves crest are the bars. The distance varies... 2 nd bar is probably 100 yards typically. I agree with the above ... I'd drop past the 3rd bar.. it's probably 250 -300 yards.
Posted By: SharkFisher21

Re: South Padre Island Surf Fishing [Help] - 10/01/19 04:37 AM

Hey appreciate the replies! I'm running a 10 foot spinning reel rod. Currently got a 40lb mono as my main line. Should I use a wire shock leader, if so how long do you guys recommend?
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