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Live Shrimp Sales, G-town

Posted By: V-Bottom

Live Shrimp Sales, G-town - 08/08/19 04:27 PM

For the last few days Capt. Joe Kent, that writes the fishing column for the Galv. Daily News, has been reporting live shrimp for bait is hard to find down here. Can't say who has any and who doesn't. If you plan to come down, call ahead, What shrimp is available is usually gone bright and early in the mornings. Water temp. has reached 90*F. At what depth,I can't say.
Posted By: Dean Coleman

Re: Live Shrimp Sales, G-town - 08/08/19 05:44 PM

Shrimp has been in short supply at Boyds...out very early last couple trips on the weekends. Better get there very early and hope for the best. (They have had croaker and mullet)
Posted By: qballwill

Re: Live Shrimp Sales, G-town - 08/23/19 11:55 AM

I think the ussue has been that the bay has had an abundance of fresh water. Delinos yacht basin bait camp in Bolivar was having an issue also, but it seems he has been able to keep some in stock in the last couple of weeks.
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