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Posted By: LeonSulak

Wind - 07/05/19 03:53 PM

What month does the wind die down the more or turn more offshore?
Posted By: Lindsey

Re: Wind - 07/05/19 04:12 PM

The wind usually starts to tail off mid summer through fall and winter except during frontal passages. Still, the wind is SE most of the time, but NW winds blow late fall into winter.
Posted By: karstopo

Re: Wind - 07/05/19 06:20 PM

August tends to be calmer, unless we get something tropical in nature.
Posted By: Pat Goff

Re: Wind - 07/05/19 07:40 PM

Sometime in the middle of July you’ll see a weak front push in. After that until October will be much less winds
Posted By: LeonSulak

Re: Wind - 07/06/19 01:59 AM

Would that mean the trout are easier to find in the surf during these times?
Posted By: Pat Goff

Re: Wind - 07/06/19 02:42 AM

Absolutely will.
Posted By: Osbornfishing

Re: Wind - 07/18/19 04:42 PM

July and August is usually the best chance for low winds. September can be light winds except for tropical storms. There are more tropical storms in September than any other month so if you hit one of those the fishing trip is over. Early October can be good before the northern storms start up.
Posted By: JJ4MEL

Re: Wind - 07/18/19 06:59 PM

Best fishing I ever experienced was in Port A during a tropical depression. Went to the Causway and caught a bucket of finger mullet in the parking lot, waded in waist deep water in order to get to Caldwell pier, free lined those live mullet and every cast I would catch huge gafftop and 3-5ft sharks. By the time I left, the waves were hitting the concrete blocks on the pier and popping them out and had to wade chest deep in the dark to get back to the truck. Winds were about 30mph, but man what a rush and great fishing!!
Posted By: TroutSupport.com

Re: Wind - 08/01/19 03:31 PM

Winds the last couple 5 years really havent reduced until August... this weekend coming up is supposed to be lighter... and yes, now this should last until October range. But I bet we'll still have some wind to deal with. The wind isn't always bad.. i'd rather have the wind and there are way to learn how to fish it.
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