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Posted By: TheFluke215

Green Tide Surf Fishing - 06/06/19 02:04 AM

Hey guys, if you havenít checked out Green Tide Surf Fishing Facebook page, please do so. Iím getting to the point that I know how to navigate Facebook and Iím also posting short instructional videos on land based shark/red leaders and other tips and tricks that may save you time and money plus maximize your fishing time and success. Thanks -Cody
Posted By: TheFluke215

Re: Green Tide Surf Fishing - 06/06/19 02:16 AM

Also, at some point during the summer, Iím gonna do a special for TFF members only. Not sure how much Iíll knock off of total price or any other stipulations but Iím thinking. I want to give back to this forum for the knowledge Iíve received over the last 8.5 years. Iíll keep yíall posted on what, when and where this will all take place. Just a way I can say thank you. My business is gaining traction and Iím starting to book customers every day or so. I want to see this thing take off and to me what better way is there than testimonials from people who actually fish with me. If you havenít read about Green Tide Surf Fishing, pm me and Iíll gladly discuss it with you. If Iím unavailable, Fishyb on here has been instrumental in helping me make this dream become reality and knows a lot about what I do. Prior to this dream of mine, I did not know him, have never met him in person or anything like that, so heís definitely unbiased when it comes to Green Tide Surf Fishing. Look forward to hearing from ya.
Posted By: FishyB

Re: Green Tide Surf Fishing - 06/12/19 05:12 PM

Man Cody! I am thrilled that you are booking up and following your dream. Keep up the great work!!
Posted By: TheFluke215

Re: Green Tide Surf Fishing - 06/12/19 09:45 PM

Thanks Brent for all the advice youíve given in regards to the business aspect. Definitely didnít think it would blow up this fast.
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